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Atastas media doo doing creative work on feature and documentary films in a matter of video postproduction services, creating corporate videos for promotional or internal purposes, managing complete production of commercial adds, recorded or/and animated and with developing web applications and sites according to your needs.
All can be done! We listen, make suggestions and create great products. You know the best way to be presented, and we know the way to do it in a creative and quality manner in accordance with standards and market requirements. You'll never hear from us that your idea isn't good enough, and that we have a better one. Our goal is to find the way to pull that idea to success according to your goals and budget. We're certain that our cooperation will be great experience!


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We create illusions

We're having postproduction facilities for developing video in all conventional digital formats. We provide the following services:

Video compositing / VFX

Adding and removing picture elements. Video effects. 2D and 3D animations incorporated in video.


Professional 2D and 3D animations. Opening and closing titles. Graphics elements in video - lower thirds, maps, etc...


Editing on Mac and PC platforms in our facilities.

Format conversion

Quality conversion of resolutions and file formats from 6k to web video. Framerate conversion.

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Promotion that make difference

We have the needed experience and equipment to develop your project from scratch. Our creative team can do the following services for you:


Idea, targeting, scenario, budget, logistics.

Field work

Recording with film and TV cameras, DSLR and similar equipment. Lighting, scene, actors, extras.

Compiling the finals

Editing, video compositing, animation, color correction. Various length adaptation of final product.


Delivery of video in desired format - DVD, BlueRay, file, web. Format conversions and delivery for TV stations or third parties in requested format.

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Your place on global network

Development of web locations and online applications according to your needs and budget. Complete project managing from blueprint to final product with:


Web domain registration and payment. Choosing right web hosting. Organising of web pages.

Web design and programming

Web design. Web programming – html, css, php, java script, databases. Graphics elements and photo, video and text material adaptation. Responsive design.

Updating and redesign

Updating, changing and adding material on web site. Optional custom CMS for your web location (We don't use commercial CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, etc...).

SEO optimisation

Optimising web site to be more friendly with modern search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...)

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